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Contract Award Publication Contract No. TJ NHPP RFB P2.1 - Dam Safety Investigations and Monitoring

Project Name / Country:

Contract Duration: Description:

Rehabilitation of Nurek Hydropower Plant Project, Tajikistan

48 months

a. Design, supply and installation of the monitoring equipment for the dam and appurtenant structures including drilling works and installation of new piezometers and inclinometers and minor civil works for geodetic and seepage measurement devices;

b. Core drilling, geotechnical laboratory tests and video-logging on the left bank downstream the power plant; logging of cores, presentation of obtained data from all the above (a and b) works. Also, measurements in piezometers, inclinometers and monitoring devices to the termination of the contract.




Rehabilitation of Nurek Hydropower Plant Project

TJ NHPP RFB P2.1 - Dam Safety Investigations and Monitoring


Joint stock company Tojikgidroelectromontaj

Contract price: USD 2’904’799.60 (excluding VAT).

nt,act signing 1 March 10, 2020 date: j

Other tenderers: 1. JCS Tajikgidroelectromontaj (Tajikistan)

Tender prices read out at Tender Opening (EPC + LTSA):

JCS Tajikgidroelectromontaj (Tajikistan)

1. USD 2'913'193.52

Total evaluated tender prices:

JCS Tajikgidroelectromontaj

USD 2,904,799.60

Tenderers rejected:

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