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03.02.2023  This Semi-Annual Social Safeguards Monitoring Report for the Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 2A (Golovnaya Hydro Power Plant, Vose and Rudaki substations) covers the period from July to December 2022. The results of the Social Safeguard prepared for the proposed project concluded that, as per ADB Safeguard Policy Statement, the project is categorized as „B‟ for all the Lots. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided a grant to the Republic of Tajikistan to upgrade the Golovnaya Hydropower Plant (GHPP) and to increase the supply of renewable energy to national and regional power systems. Golovnaya HPP is situated 80 kilometers south of Dushanbe. Its installed generation capacity is 240 MW, which makes it the fourth largest hydropower plant in Tajikistan. The objective of monitoring report is to investigate on the status of any land acquisition and resettlement activities periodically, including the implementation of livelihood restoration programs, to ensure that the activities are implemented as planned and that mitigating measures designed to address adverse social impacts are adequate and effective. The project did not require any land acquisition or resettlement of people as GHPP and Vose substation are located at existing territory. The Rudaki substation is a new set up on open land required one hectare of land acquisition, included in the LARP, no displacement of people required. Likewise, for overhead line construction, required 11,952 m2 permanent, and temporary 52,386m2 land also included in the LARP. 

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