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1.1 Preamble
1. This report represents the Semi - Annual Environmental Monitoring Review (SAEMR) for the Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project.
2. This report is the 14th SAEMR for the project for the January - June 2023 reporting period.
3. The Project was extended until mid-August 2023.
1.2 headline information
4. In Lot 1 on Wholesale Metering System, the meters Factory Acceptance Test was conducted successfully in July 2018 by the Contractor Huawei/ TBEA. The Contractor has selected the subcontractor Cuculus GmbH for the software part. 100% of the metersin the substations have been installed as of end of December 2020. The construction of the foundations and erection of the Current and Voltage Transformers inside the substations was completed by September 2019.The only missing activities are several open items related to training and reporting.
5. Regarding the Amendment 2 of Lot 2´s work, which includes the renovation of 110 kV switchyard at Rudaki Substation, it started in April 2018. Every activity was developed inside the plot of the Substation and on a working installation. TBEA completed the construction of OHL in October 2018. Renovation of SS Rudaki and extension of SS Ayni were completed in March 2019.
6. Package 4. The objective of the additional subproject is to enhance the system enabling it to control the fluxes of energy in the Transmission Grid item by item from higher to lower levels, meaning all the items, lines, power transformers and busbars in the levels of voltage 500, 220, 110 and 35 kV. The objective is to increase the redundancy of measurements on the top levels and full control of losses. Besides, it can provide relevant information of fluxes of energy between different segments of the grid.Package 4 activities are executed inside the substations which are already owned by Barqi Tojik and are located geographically around the country at the substations in the Khatlon region (Vakhsh, Yavan, Kulyab and Nurek districts), Sughd region (Isfara, Istarafshan, Khujand, Penjakent) and the Regions of the Republican Subordination (Rasht and Varzob districts). The environmental assessment was carried out and IEE was disclosed on ADB website in August 20201, concluding that the implementation of this sub-project will have limited potential environmental impacts that will have to be mitigated through the implementation of therevisedsite-specific Environmental and Social Management Plan (SSEMP) and the topic-focused procedures and management plans to be developed by the Contractor.Package 4 was awarded in December 2020 to the JV TGEM-SANXING and it is scheduled to be completed by 17 August2023. The Contractor's Environmental, Health and Safety Plan for Package 4 has been in place since 26 April 2021.In the reporting period from January to June 2023, all construction work was completed. Installation of equipment was completed by 95%, installation of meters - by 31%, metering boards - by 81%. The pace of work for the reporting period for the installation of equipment is 47%, for the installation of metering devices - 29% and for the installation of metering panels - 75%. Analysis of the pace of work shows that there is a slight lag in the pace of work on the installation of meters. The remaining 69% of meter installation work must be completed before the deadline (August

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