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The Best Project in Climate Change Adaptation

The Best Project in Climate Change Adaptation 13.05.2015

“Qairokkum Hydro Power Rehabilitation Project” has won the award of European Bank for

Reconstruction and Development in the nomination of “The Best Project in Climate 

Change Adaptation”

In the frame of the Business Forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) held from 13 until 15 May 2015, awarding ceremony of the best projects of EBRD was held in various nominations in Tbilisi, Georgia.

With pride it should be noted that “Qairokkum Hydro Power Rehabilitation Project” has won “The Best Project in Climate Change Adaptation Award”


This project is funded by the EBRD and the Strategic Climate Fund subaccount of the EBRD Climate Investment Fund ("CIF"), the Special Fund for the Pilot Program for sustainability improvement to climate change.

The Qairokkum HPP project applied highly innovative approach, which incorporates climate change in the investment design. The experts involved in the project, have calculated future hydrology of the reservoir under different scenarios of climate change, which was the base for selecting the most suitable design for rehabilitation of station in the whole range of projected possible climate change scenarios.

The impact of this project goes beyond the rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plant. The fundamental approach of inclusion of climate change issues into investment planning will greatly improve the sustainability of Qairokkum HPP to a changing climate of Tajikistan, as well as provide a reliable power supply for the people of the northern part of the country. Managers of “Barqi Tojik” will learn to identify the risks of climate change associated with hydropower, and ways to control them. By combination of the mentioned information and its application in company’s business activities will optimize power generation and improve the dam safety, thereby helping to move towards the best international practice. The project is a pilot one which will provide important outputs for future application in hydropower of Tajikistan and throughout the region, and have the potential for future investment projects.


Award was received on behalf of OSHC “Barqi Tojik” by Saidov Saidmumin – General Manager of the "Energy Loss Reduction Project" responsible for the “Qairokkum Hydro Power Rehabilitation Project” and Avezov Faizullo – Director of Qairokkum HPP.

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